Fred Latimer and Larry Ziegler check out Sierra-Diablo membership cards at AMCAL Convention [photo coutesy of Doug Fouquet]

 Since our industrious Loren Moore started designing our membership cards, they've become collector's items themselves! Beautiful full- length color reproductions of your favorite covers in plastic--a different one every year! Loren retired membership card production in 2017, which only makes the previous cards nore sought after!


 Who We Are

Sierra-Diablo Matchcover Club started in 1983 when a small group of collectors in the Sacramento-San Francisco region gathered together and founded their own club. Today, it has grown to become one of the largest regional club in North America,.


 What We Do

On a local level, Sierra-Diablo brings together matchcover collectors in its area for good-hearted camaraderie, joint hobby ventures, lots of shop talk, and plenty of good trading and swapping. Collectors exchange information, compare notes, and help each other with their special needs. Looking for Beer covers, Sports covers, Movie Stars? Your fellow club members are your peers. They share your interest and enthusiasm for a fascinating hobby. If they haven't got what you want, they'll help you try and get it. This hobby is noted for the life-long friendships formed between collectors, and you won't find any friendlier group of people than those at Sierra-Diablo

On a national and international level, Sierra-Diablo gathers and disseminates collecting information and news throughout the continent. Our monthly bulletin has been recognized as the best regional publication in the hobby, and it's now web-based and in full-color! The bulletin is what really ties together our diversified membership. It covers local, regional, and national goings-on within the hobby. Written for the novice and veteran collector alike, it also features 12 annual auctions of covers and boxes, and those auctions are considered the finest club auctions in existence. Sierra-Diablo, a member of the Associated Matchcover Clubs of California, also supports the annual AMCAL conventions (held in Palm Springs) and the annual RMS conventions (held in rotating cities around the US and Canada).


 Our Officers:
President: John Bachochin, 15731 S. 4210 Rd., Claremore, OK 74017
Treasurer: Loren Moore, POB 1181, Roseville, CA 95678
Mem. Sec: Loren Moore, POB 1181, Roseville, CA 95678
Editor: Mike Prero, 12659 Eckard Way, Auburn, CA 95603



Club membership entitles you to:

Club membership roster 
12 informative bulletins a year (e-bulletins or hard copies) 
Access to club auctions 
Access to AMCAL convention 
Access to RMS convention 
Ability to free classified ads in club bulletin 


Annual dues for membership in Sierra-Diablo are $5 (individual e-bulletin)/$10 (individual hard copy bulletin), $15 (family), $15 (Canada/Mexico) or $20 (outside N. America). Dues are payable to the "Sierra- Diablo Matchcover Club," c/o Loren Moore, POB 1181, Roseville, CA 95678

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