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“AMCAL” stands for Associated Matchcover Clubs of California, and, just as the name implies, it’s all of the California clubs together...and that’s the biggest association in the
hobby, simply because California has always been able to correctly boast the largest number of regional clubs of any state. Over the years, the specific clubs have occasionally changed as, for example, the Golden Orange and Northern California clubs disappeared and our own Sierra-Diablo came upon the scene, but AMCAL has always represented the California contingent of the hobby—those wacky and wonderful people from out West.

And, AMCAL puts on the annual AMCAL Convention...the biggest and best convention west of the Mississippi. Next year's convention will be our 55th.

AMCAL 2010 coming! April 22-24, Roseville, CA
details are being posted as they arrive

Next years convention will be held at the . Dates are

Thursday April 22 thru Saturday April 24, 2010.


Hotel: Heritage Inn, 204 Harding Blvd., Roseville, CA (800-228-4747) or (916-782-4466). Room rates are $47 for king bed and $50 for two queens (plus Tax).


Registration form 

Pre-Registration: Pre-register by printing out the >>>>>
Pre-Registration form 

Convention Schedule
[The convention is being reorganized this year, so I'm not certain what the actual schedule will be, but there will be lots of trading and big auctions]

Convention Activities:
Club Meetings:

Registration Bag Material:

Freebie Table Material:
Auction Lots:
Looking for a Roommate?
Program Book Ads:
Display Categories:
AMCAL: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for Best Single, Best Group, and Best Set
AMCAL President's Award: Best Hollywood Display
-Carolyn & Lowell Schultz Memorial:
-Denver Strikers MC:
-Duke Rohrer Memorial:
-Jim Moffett Memorial:
-Long Beach MC:
-Long Beach MC (E. Marshall Memorial):
-Mermaid Club:
-Mid-South MC:
-Rocky Mountain MC:
-San Diego MC:
-Sierra-Diablo MC:
-Tobacco Club:
-UES: Best
[PLEASE NOTE: All displays entered must be covered with plastic film or glass. There are no restrictions on size or number of displays per person. Your name should be on the back]
Album Drawing:

Questions or Concerns? Contact Loren Moore, POB 1181, Roseville, CA 95678 (877-752-6247)