“AMCAL” stands for Associated Matchcover Clubs of California, and, just as the name implies, it’s three of the California clubs together (Sierra-Diablo MC, Angelus MC, and San Diego MC)...and that’s the biggest association in the hobby, simply because California has the most collectors and the most regional clubs of any state. Over the years, the specific clubs have occasionally changed as, for example, the Golden Orange and Northern California clubs disappeared and our own Sierra-Diablo came upon the scene, but AMCAL has always represented the California contingent of the hobby—those wacky and wonderful people from out West.  

And, AMCAL puts on the annual AMCAL Convention...the biggest and best convention west of the Mississippi. The three clubs rotate hosting responsibilities, and thus the location rotates annually. When Angelus MC is hosting, the convention will be in the Los Angeles area; when San Diego MC hosts, it will be in the San Diego area; and when Sierra-Diablo MC hosts, it is in the Sacramento/Roseville area.

Normally, the AMCAL Convention is a three-day affair (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), held in early April. There are always large auctions, freebie tables overflowing with covers, and lots of great comraderie. Full details on the upcoming AMCAL convention are posted on the Events page as soon as they come in.