...a club for matchcover collectors in Northern California and around the world, Sierra-Diablo is one of the largest regional matchcover clubs in North America.  

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Yep! There's an entire organized hobby centering around the collecting of matchcovers...those little pieces of cardboard that most people just take for granted. But, those same little pieces of cardboard are crammed with history and nostalgia--famous people and famous events, wonderful artwork, and all those special places that have a special meaning to you.

Page through an album of World War II Patriotic covers and relive mankind's worst struggle for survival; tackle the challenge of trying to put together a collection of covers from all the county seats in the country; search nooks and crannies for those elusive treasures of the hobby. All this and so much more awaits you in this truly fascinating hobby.

And, unlike so many other hobbies centering around collectibles, matchcover collecting hasn't become a big business like the stamp, coin, and baseball card hobbies...at least not yet. This is a hobby characterized by generosity and friendliness, lots of free trading, and free covers. In short, this is a hobby that still exemplifies what a hobby is all about.

Dip your toes in the water...You'll find it's just the right temperature!

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Come on in and look around.

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