Application for Membership

Print out this application and then fill in the blanks.

Being interested in collecting Book Match Covers, Full Book Matches or Boxes, I wish to become a member
of the RATHKAMP MATCHCOVER SOCIETY. Enclosed is $20.00 plus my one-time entry fee of $2.00
for my first year's membership [Canada and Mexico - $25; all other international - $35 (hard copy bulletin)/ $20 for e-bulletin; additional family members are $4 each]. I agree to abide by the rules of the Society as described in the Constitution and By-Laws ofthe Society, a copy of which will be furnished to me. I will, to the best of my ability, help promote Good Fellowship and Fair Dealing within the hobby.
Signed: _____________________________________________________________________________
Name: Mr., Mrs., Miss (print): ___________________________________________________________
Street & No. ________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________ State: _______________ Zip + 4: ____________________
Occupation: ______________________________ Married: ____________ Single: _______________


Date of Birth (mo./day/year): ______________________ *E-Mail address:_________________________ (please include)

I learned of RMS through ______________________________________________________________
**Do you wish to receive RMS Bulletin via e-mail (full-color)? _________________________
Categories collected (list no more than six): _________________________________________________
_____ Check here if you want to trade covers and boxes.

Make all remittance payable to: RATHKAMP MATCHCOVER SOCIETY

Mail with fees to:

Linda Wolfe
13 Creekstone Dr.
Mont Alto, PA 17237

Office Use Only:
Date _______________________________
Paid from ___________ to ______________
RMS No. ___________________________
Sec'y ______________________________

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