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This is a voluntary, worldwide listing of collectors. RMS does not endorse any collector here who is not an RMS member. RMS members shown with (RMS)

[If you are a collector and have an e-mail address, we'd be glad to add you to our growing listing of collectors on-line. Just e-mail your name, state of residence (or country, if outside USA), top 5 collecting categories, and whether you wish to be listed as 'willing to trade' to webmaster]

(*** = willing to trade)


Abbott, Neil: Looking for Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Sports, Clubs, any New York City covers *** (RMS)


Huq, Shakil: ( for matchboxes and labels from any where in the world. I have a huge exchanging fund of Bangladeshi matchboxes ***


Dewulf, Jacques: Looking for General ***

Joel, Gabriels: Looking for general but my preference is old Belgian, Holland labels, also books, postcards with matches on them


Grynszpan, Ricardo: Looking for covers and boxes from other countries. Will trade Brazilian items. No specific categories ***

Zan Fernandes, Victor: Looking for General


Bell, Larry: Looking for British Columbia covers, Girlies, 1939 World's Fair, Canadian Excise Tax, and Grant Mann/Vista Lite *** (RMS)

Bush, Bob: Looking for General, Airlines, Sports, Girlies, Casinos *** (RMS)
Byard, David: Looking for Yukon Territory matchbooks (all), British Columbia matchbooks small town and a focus on the interior of British Columbia. Nevada matchbooks from small towns and harder to find locations.
Carr, Dave: Looking for Banks, Chinese, Mexican & Italian Restaurants; Military, Golf & Casinos (RMS)
Davis, Ron: Looking for British Columbia, any Restaurants, Hotels, Railroads, Girlies ***
Pasternak, Morris: Looking for sports and sports personalities, soda and entertainment *** (RMS)
Toulch, Fred: Looking for any matchcovers or feature matchbooks related to baseball or Montral Canadiens Hockey Players ***


  Dohnal, Martin: Looking for all labels. (


  Henningsen, Flemming: Looking for: matchbooks, labels, skillets, boxes from all over the world. (


  Baylis, Paul: Looking for Postally-used 40 strike match books issued during WW2 which could, when empty be used as postcards. Will buy, not trade.

Blackman, Simon: Looking for RR covers, Naval covers, Military, India [especially old labels], Asia [except Japan and Pakistan] ***
Campion, Peter: Looking for figural match holders especially Zimmermann, Glanz & European cast match holders

Harris, Anthony: Looking for road transport labels and matchcovers
Judd, Derek: Looking for Universal, Matchorama, Royal Flash and Bryant & May full book matches (RMS)
Kakarla, Vaikuntanath: Looking for matchbox labels, match labels, and cigarette cards***

Kendall, Keith: ***
Mason, Brian: Looking for Golf/Country Clubs, England, College, Funeral Homes, Banks/Credit Unions


Huwener, Ulrich


Bhatt, Sunil Kumar: Looking for matchboxes,all world diffrent shapes. Matchbox labels .Indian theme

Chowdhury, Amit: Collector and supplier of Indian Match Covers, Carton Labels, Wrappers, Poly Bags etc.

Gaur, Rajesh: Looking for Boxes/covers of Cricketeers or cricket games, Beatles (music group), Coca-Cola, Advertisements, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Spice Girls, Hollywood film stars, Politicians, London City ***
Goel, Gopal: Looking for Matchboxes and matchcovers.
Hemmady, Gautam: Looking for boxes and labels with an Indian theme.
Jain, Sanjeev: Looking for matchbox covers matchbox labels of animals and birds , numbers, vegetables and fruitsm and different type of professions
Khan, Shad Mohd: Looking for labels of birds, wild animals, house, games, ships
Kulkarni, Navneet: Looking for all categories but especially Animals, Birds, culture and tradition, cars, Sports. Also interested in different
shapes and sizes of match boxes like circular, triangular, pyramid shaped etc. But basically I collect matchboxes, covers, labels from all countries of all categories ***
Munipalle, Kiran: Looking for Swedish/Austrian/Japanese boxes and labels with any India Theme; Mythology - Kings,Queens,Gods & Godesses,Monuments,Weapons; Animals,Birds & Nature; Odd & Unusual shaped Match Boxes Skillets; All other Boxes,Labels,Skillets or Phillumeny related material which may be of interest. ***
Muttalib, Abu M.: Looking for Matchbox Fakes, Numbers, Vehicle, Nature, Fruits and Vegetables.***
Sonalkar, Manoj: Looking for Hotels & Resorts, Mini Matchboxes, Sports, Nature


Behzadi, Farshid: Looking for covers and boxes from other countries. Will exchange Persian items. No specific categories ***
Jalily, Mohsen, Dr.: ***


Biskovitz Yecheal: Looking for match related items made in Japan
Ryesky, Ken: Looking for full-books in Banks, Restaurants, Gov’t agencies, Hotels, Casinos *** (RMS)


Kamigashima, Osamu: Looking for Japanese matchboxes, matchcovers, matchlabels, and other countries' matches ***


  Ivanov, Sasso: Looking for nature, sports, towns, cars, animals. But basically I collect matchboxes, covers, labels from all countries of all categories


  Everink, Hans: Looking for General boxes, covers and labels ***


  Posa, Lawrence: Looking for Matchbox label collections from 1850`s to 1930`s wanted to buy, especially Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria Hungary Empire, China, India, Japan etc.


Khalid, Imran: Looking for match box covers, skillets, labels from all over the world ***


Venda, João: Looking for:Matchboxes, matchbooks, matchcovers, labels, skillets from all over the world ( )***


Pyshkin, Alexander: Looking for covers, skillets and other kinds of labels dealing with views towns, architecture, nice views, table games, VIP's, humour, erotic, sings zodiac's, cinema pictures, beeer, tobacco and some colourful themes. I shall be glad to exchange. ***


  Novinec, Sandi: Looking for General ***


  Ruggieri, Robert: Looking for Casinos, Disney, Colleges, Stockbrokers, and any Corporate name (like any stock exchange-listed company (RMS)


  Kasapoglu, Ozge: Looking for all labels, boxes, matchcovers



Chin, Bryan: Looking for Girlies, Features, DQ, Crowns, Military *** (RMS)


Edwards, Glen: Looking for Medical, WW II, Baltimore Colts ***


Marquette, Don: Looking for Group I, U.S. Navy Ships, Radio/TV, Old Manumarks, Midgets, worlds fairs, taxis, railroads, and airlines


Blake, Ken: Looking for Hartford Whalers matchbook covers. Willing to buy or trade.

Marcia Escobosa: Looking for Full Books (preferred) or Covers of: Las Vegas and older Nevada Casinos, Features, 1920s-70s Cars/ gas/ oil, Old Trains, Route 66 (especially California and Arizona), Highway 395/Eastern Sierra (towns of Lone Pine, Independence, Big Pine, Bishop, Mammoth, Lee Vining, Bridgeport, etc.), Vintage Soda, gum and candy, Smokey the Bear, Big Boy, pre-80s Motorcycles, Xmas, Vintage Liquor/bars/saloons/tobacco. Anything with cool/impressive/quirky/funny vintage art/graphics. ***

Fleming, Kevin: Looking for Mexico; Route 66; Lincoln Highway; Las Vegas and suburbs including
non-casino; Atlantic City casinos; Palm Springs and vicinity includingBanning/Beaumont to El Centro/Calexico on Hwy 99; Long Beach and Vicinity including Compton, Seal Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, Sunset Beach and Avalon (Catalina Island); all San Bernardino area mountain communitiesincluding Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and Idyllwild; and the following California communities: Lake Elsinore, Perris, San Jacinto, Tehachapi, Mojave, Boron, Lancaster, Palmdale, and Redlands (front strikers only on these); US 99 Ridge Route towns of Castaic, Gorman, Lebec, Grapevine and Mettler; and front-strike full-lengths of US 99 in the San Joaquin Valley (Bakersfield, Fresno, etc.), US 99-101 covers where the highway number is part of the name as in "99 Tavern". + others!

Longenbach, Anthony: Looking for Phone Numbers (4 digits or less), Airlines, Crests, Las Vegas, Features ***

Mallette, Dr. Leo: Looking for any related to Rancho Mirage (California).*** (RMS)

Moore, Loren: Looking for Low Phone #s, Crowns, Full-book Features, Airlines, Lion 30-Stick *** (RMS)

Munding, Jim: Looking for Casinos and OLD Nevada only. Have lots of older other categories to trade***

Pierce, Bill: Looking for Tobacco/Cigarettes, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Barber Shops, Bus Lines, Golf & Golf Clubs, Rt. 66. Hillbillies

Prero, Mike: Looking for all Old, Military, Fraternals, Transportation, Pre-1960 Dated, and much more *** (RMS)

Rosenblum, Mark: Looking for Big Band Leaders/Bands, Big Band Nightclubs/Ballrooms, old Radio Ads, Old Victrola Ads ***


Barr, Paul: Looking for Real Estate, Title Company, Christmas, Girlie (nudes), Jewelry ***

Giardini, Richard: Looking for Hotels/Motels, Sports, Restaurant Chains, Liquor, Cigarette *** (RMS)


  Denniss, Cliff: Looking for Rt. 66 covers (RMS)

  Gigantino, Bill: Looking for Casinos (all), New York City, Connecticut (all) (RMS)


Brunning, Russ: Looking for vintage Florida matchcovers, especially Daytona Beach area. This includes Holly Hill and Ormond Beach. No specific categories.

Clark, John: Looking for Railroads, Airlines, Contours, Sports, Towns, County Seats ***

Denzler, Frank: Looking for Hillbilly, New York City/State, 1939 NY World's Fair, Animals, Girlies *** (RMS)

Hayes, Bill: Looking for H/M, Insurance, Gas & Oil, Ethnic Restaurans, Seafood Restaurants *** (RMS)

Kravat, Brian: Looking for Airline front strike, vintage airline chiclets, Wright prop covers , airline collections for sale .(RMS )

Marks, Debbie: Looking for Palm trees, celebrities, lamps and lanterns, carriages or coaches, and golf ***
Provan, John: Looking for Military, Zeppelins, Elvis, Contours and Full lengths. (RMS)


Prescott, Bill: Looking for RR, Fred Harvey restaurants from RR depots, Roy Rogers, Coca-Cola, Donald Duck*** (RMS)



  Killingbeck, Julie: Looking for RR, Insurance, Front Strikers, Old mm's ***(limited basis) (RMS)


Bengston, Anthony: Looking for covers referencing the villages of Littleton or Chatham (Buchanan County).

Cordes, Dennis: Looking for Beer, Liquor, Girlies, Best Western, Holiday Inn *** (RMS)


Sekavec, James: Looking for RR, Caterpillar (any type of crawler tractor), Old tractor, Fred Harvey.


Mains, Pat & Wally: Looking for American Aces, Cats, Disney, Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, Angels, Sears Roebuck, and more (RMS)

Messmer, Toby: Looking for Aces, Pocketboxes, Contours, Jewels, Jewelites, Bears, Black Americana & related music, Religious, Cows (not bulls) (RMS)

Piper, Billijo: Looking for Blacks, combos, bumblebees, pigs, Hallmark, Features, printed sticks, matadors, Confederate flags, native Americans,VIP’s, elephants, real photos, churches, hospitals.***


Buckler, Gary: World War II Features and covers, especially Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini; Feature Girlies; Feature Native Americans

Lewnes, Pete: Looking for matchcovers from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Special interest in any covers from Laurel, Maryland. *** New to the hobby but have some dupes
Lund, Greg: Looking for Auto Dealers, Gas Stations, Royal Flash, Hotels, Restaurants *** (RMS)
Sarmiento, Pete: Looking for Gen. MacArthur match cover with "I Shall Return" (WWII Patriotic), and match covers with bananas and mangoes on it.


Burke, Leroy: Looking for matchcovers, matchbooks or matchboxes of Lowell, MA...and all taxis***

Mathot, John: Looking for DQ's and other "quality" covers, Safety First, Full features, Displays, Midgets (RMS)



Smith, Penny: Looking for Sports, 10s, VIPs, N/S HIs *** (RMS)

Sperry, Herb: Looking for Colleges & Universities, Beer & Breweries, Camel Night Lights (30 strike), Jewelites (College only), Texas towns, Michigan towns, Houston, Texas Restaurants & Hotels (RMS)

Turner, Barry: Looking for Girlies, Beer, sports, military, transportation*** (RMS)


Bailey, Steven & Nancy: Looking for Kitties, Las Vegas Casinos, Beer (especially Micros), Points of Interest, MN small towns *** (RMS)

Carroll, Bob: Looking for Casinos ***

Hagberg, Rick: Looking for Golf, Lighthouses, Ships/Cruiselines, Contours, Full-Length

Madland, Michael: Looking for matchbooks from south Saint Paul


  Zingmark, Robert: Looking for matchcovers featuring SF 49ers season football schedules, including Mel's Drive-In, Lefty O'Douls Restaurant, KSFO Radio, former player's businesses, and others (no Jewelites)


Weiner, Steve: Looking for tobacco 20 front strike Hotels and Restaurants, any liquor related such as bars, liquor stores, taverns etc.; casinos, and Chinese or Mexican restaurants *** (RMS)


Benes, Jim: Looking for Cartoon/Advertising/Fairy Tale Characters, Anything 1940s and earlier, Match Company Advertising and
Promotional Items. See my ad on the RMS web page or contact me FMI and my want list. (RMS)
Greene, Rich: Looking for Cartoon/Advertising Characters, Pre-WWII mm’s and unusual footers, Labels, Celebrity Animals, Grotesques (RMS)
Israel, Marty: 20 strike cover with a map front or inside, with city & state; Numbers from 1st Nat'l Bank to Club 9999; Fruits and Vegetables...Illustration or name of venue, i.e. The Banana BargeHats (RMS)

Silverman, Justin: Looking for matchbooks and covers from Hoboken, NJ, or pin up girl match covers
Sisson, Sherry: Looking for cats, fish, vegetables, petroliana, railroad *** (RMS)


Clewell, Tom: Looking for Theatre/Movies, Soda, rare old Manumarks *** (RMS)

Eadie, Wayne: Looking for Planet Hollywoods, Hard Rock Cafes, Coca Cola/Pepsi/7UP/Royal Crown/Canada Dry, Cigarettes, Disney & Stock Design Autos. *** (RMS)

Good, Les: Looking for All listed boxes, Japanes made boxes including Lipsticks (I am the lister), All boxes and covers from New York City, Major chain hotels *** (RMS)

Guynup, Debbie: Looking for Jewel/Jewelite, Banks, Sets/Series, Casinos, General (RMS)

Rinder, Scott: Looking for Features

Sparacio, C.J.: Looking for Gas &Oil related only *** (occasionally)


Klinger, Curt: Looking for older full books, girlie full books, wooden matches full books

Morris, Mike: Looking for Jewelites, Royal Flash, Billboard, Contour, NC towns ***
Myers, B.: Looking for jewels, Jewelites, aces, camels, and hotels (RMS)


Acus, Joel (RMS)

Borton, Bob: Looking for Group One Sports and Movie Stars, Girlies, Ohio H/Motels, Ohio Restaurants, Golf Courses(RMS)

Hertzler, Mark: Looking for covers from Mansfield, Ohio ***

Hofacker, Bob & Gayle: Looking for Hunts Foods, Colgate, Midgets, RR, Darke County (OH), Perkins Americana, Barber/Beauty Shops, Lipstick boxes, Pharmacies, Nature Scenes *** (RMS)

Kirkby, Kathleen: Looking for Peacocks, Jamaica, Moons, Magic and Owls. (RMS)

Larson, Todd: Looking for covers from fishing tackle companies, outboard engine, vintage fishing scenes, pinup/girlie fishing books, fishing lure/rod/reel covers, any fishing tackle ephemera.

Mazur, Carrol: Looking for: Girlies, Casino and Slot Cards, Disney, Web sites, Lipstick boxes *** (RMS)

Munyon, Ken: Looking for Gas Stations, Auto Dealers, Auto-Related, Boy Scouts, Roller Skating *** (RMS)

Schoch, Jeff: Looking for Girlies *** (RMS)

Turkal, Rudy: Looking for any covers and any paper or items from Massillon, Ohio USA

Waite, Randy: Looking for Restaurant/Hotel chains, H/M/R, Financial Institutions *** (RMS)


Bitter, Dan: Looking for All older covers, older Manumarks, Auto, Bowling Alleys, Casinos, Cleaners/Laundries, Clothing Stores, Coal,
Diners, Drug Stores, Duncan Hines, Lighthouses, Minor Political, Tractor/Farm Implement, Truck Lines,Windmills *** (RMS)

Glod, Russ: Looking for Airlines, Hotels, Vegas Casinos, Restaurants, New England, West Coast '70's & '80's


  Lamothe, Rich: Looking for full-books only: Features; Knot Holes, Contours, Unique Strikers (RMS)


Edelman, Marc: Looking for Matchover advertising items (non-matchcover), Features, World Fairs, Full-lengths, pre-1960 General (RMS)
Hoover, Bob: Looking for PA towns of Blairsville and Black Lick. ***
Lamb, Robert: Looking for Buffalo/Bison, Philly Restaurants, Virgin Islands (US & British), New Breweries, New Mexico (RMS)
Longenecker, Bill: Looking for U.S. Navy Ships [by COMBINE #], RR [by Xerox], Transportation, Sports Schedules (RMS)
Ready, Duane: Looking for Front-strikers, Billiards, Indians, World War II Patriotics, Chinese and Mexican Restaurants, Low Phone #s, Presidents (Lincoln, JFK, FDR, etc.), drive in restaurants, steel related, coal companies, irish/shamrocks, lincoln highway, pittsburgh (fs), full lengths, mexico, and tea rooms*** (RMS)
Sayers, Rich & Shirley: Fraternals, Funeral Homes, Girlies, Banks, Weddings, Jewelites, Pennsylvania covers, Casinos, Indians, Bears (RMS)
van Tol, Nora: Looking for American Aces, Weddings/ Anniversaries, Casinos, Christmas, Funeral Homes *** (RMS)


  Archambault, Russell: Looking for any covers from Woonsocket and any memorabilia ***


  Samuels, Joel: Looking for Spots Schedules, Group I Sports Olympics, and all other Sports, Hallmark covers, POW/MIA *** (RMS)


Arva, Garry: I only collect “ Vietnam Military” ***


Gooding, Don: Looking for Contours, Spot Strikers, Thompson or Petty Girlie Sets, World Fairs, Taxi Cabs ***
McCalip, Steve: Will buy your Houston and Houston area  restaurant collection.*** (RMS)

Metcalf, Bruce: Looking for Motels, Restaurants, Trucking, Banks, General
Nudleman, David: Looking for Roadside Diners, Tourist Courts, Full Lengths, Old Manumarks Crowns, DQ's older Hotels and Restaurants (RMS)

  Biron, Gerry: Looking for Black Americana, Soda, Pre-Eisenhower Presidential, Pre-1940 product advertisements that show the product, Diamond Quality covers (no hotels)


Davis, Mike: Looking for Industrial and manufacting companies (especially steel & machinery), equipment distributors & wholesalers, contruction and farm machinery (especially Caterpillar equipment), covers with photographs and drawings of trucks, Jewels, Matchoramas, and 10-Strikes *** (but may be slow responding)


Fisher, Don: Looking for Tobacco, Ethnic, Route 66, Chinese Restaurants, Contours, etc. ***


  Pyles, Rod: Looking for Radio & TV Stations (USA), Theaters (USA), Anything West Virginia, Big Boy, Telephone (USA), Italian Restaurants (USA), *** (RMS)


Brudvig, Manley: Looking for Moose (RMS)

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