Hobby Events Across The Country

With some 33 clubs across the country and Canada, there is always something going on for the collector. At the national level, there are the annual conventions and regional swapfests to which collectors come from as far away as England and Australia. On the local level, clubs are continually holding meetings, anniversary and Christmas parties, hosting information booths at fairs, putting up public displays within their communities, etc. At any of these activities, visitors are always welcome. Learn more about the hobby, get information on how to get started as a collector, make contacts with people who have the same interests as you do.

The Five Major Events:

- The Rathkamp Matchcover Society is the national hobby organiztion, and the annual RMS Convention in August is always the largest activity in the hobby. Convention sites rotate around the country and Canada annually. You can always find current RMS Convention information at Convention Central

- The AMCAL Convention is the largest activity in the West. Put on each April/May by all of the four California clubs in Fresno, it's always an eagerly anticipated event. Current AMCAL Convention details can always be found at AMCAL Central

-The Trans Canada Swapfest is the Canadian entry. In May, it normally features Auctions, trading, and more.

- The United Eastern Swapfest is the largest stationery get-together in the East. Details are always to be found below as soon as they become available each year.

- The Southern Swapfest, normally sponsored by the Mid-South and Southeast matchcover clubs, is the biggest such activity in the South. Details are always to be found at Southern Swapfest

RMS CONVENTION 2017: August 20-27, 2017. Ramada Plaza Hotel (same as UES location), Hagerstown, MD. 301-797-2500. $82 Double/$105 US Mini Suite. More info to follow. Always check Convention Central at http://matchcover.org for latest details.
KEYSTONE-LEHIGH SWAPFEST: Oct. 19-22, 2017. Holiday Inn, Morgantown, PA. More details coming.
LONG BEACH OCTOBER SWAPFEST: Oct. 27-28, 2017. LaQuinta Inn & Suites. More details coming.
FMI: Bob Hiller, 2501 W. Sunflower Ave., #H5, S. Coast Metro, CA 92704-7532 (714-222-9328)
SOUTHERN SWAPFEST 2018: March 20 through March 25, 2018. Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites - Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL 33612 Latest details at http://www.southernswapfla. com or contact Frank Denzler fank111@aol.com
2018 TRANS CANADA SWAPFEST: Trans Canada MC is in discussions with the Radisson about hosting the 2018 Swapfest. Tentative dates are April 26th – 28th. Subject to confirmation, room and meeting space rates should be in the same ballpark as 2017.
AMCAL 2018: May 2-4, Palm Springs. Hosted by Angelus Matchcover Club. Latest details always posted at the AMCAL web site.
UES 2018: June 6-10, 2018. Ramada Plaza Hotel, 1718 Underpass Way, Hagerstown, MD 21740 301-797-2500 (room rate not announced yet, but will include hot breakfast.)